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Blog Changes

For many reasons, we decided to change our blog over to Blogger. So, come on over to our new blog at This site will remain active for the time being. See you over at our new locale! And, don’t forget to change your readers, bookmarks, and subscriptions to our new address to keep up with the Rue family happenings!

Posted by: Mike and Julie | July 18, 2011

Behind – Again!

I am so far behind again on blogging! We have had a busy couple of weeks with Silas’ 1st birthday, the 4th of July, a visit from my parents, work on our house, a little extra work for me, a quick trip to Minnesota for a wedding, and now VBS week at church. I hope to get some pictures up soon. But, first, here are a few pictures from some time spent with the boys in our backyard on a hot day a few weeks ago. I love having a backyard and letting the boys explore with new things!

Sy wasn't so sure about the pool until Jonah got in and started giggling. At that point, Silas' tears immediately turned into giggles - big brother has a big influence on him!


Posted by: Mike and Julie | June 29, 2011

The Last Vacation Blog

We didn’t take too many pictures on the last day of our vacation because it was raining most of the day. The weather forecast was for an 80-90% chance of rain – not fun for trying to be outside at Pow Wow festivities. But, we had a few ride tickets left so we went back to the park in the afternoon. Jonah was insistent on going on the roller coaster. The park was very soggy and it rained off and on while we were there but it was fun anyways!

Here are the few pictures we took.

Jonah LOVED the rollercoaster!

I just love this picture! It looks like Mike is having a great time on the kiddie dragon roller coaster all by himself. I think he had fun too - the cart was just a little too small for him. 🙂

Jonah and I went on the Dizzy Dragons. It was kind of like the spinning tea cup ride at Disney World. I don't even know the last time I heard Jonah giggling and shrieking like he was on this ride. He kept yelling, "I'm having fun, Mommy!" He would giggle more each time I made our dragon spin faster. Since he had never been on a spinny ride before, I wasn't sure how much I should push it...but he loved it and didn't seem to be sick from it at all. Mike will definietly say that Jonah got his love of rides from me!

Our week of vacation in Minnesota went waaay to fast! We loved the chance to get away, to see family and friends, and to just enjoy our time together. I thank the Lord each day for our family. He has blessed us far beyond what we deserve! With the little free time that we had while we were at my parents’ house, we played a few games of 500 and I looked through some boxes that were filled with my things. For some strange reason, my mom thinks that 6 years after I got married and moved away from home I should either take or get rid of my things at their house! 🙂 I was finally able to part with some clothes that I know I will never be able to fit into again. And, a lot of other things that seemed important at one time are no longer important. Funny how that works, huh?!

Another blessing of being home in Mountain Lake was seeing a some friends that I hadn’t seen in a few years. Lives can change so quickly, especially when we are in the stage of life that we are. Friends have gotten married, are now growing families, and are settling down in life past college. The Lord has truly blessed me with friendships throughout my life. I was so encouraged to hear friends tell of the ways the Lord is leading their hearts and their lives. We have so many friends, even from before our seminary days, who are serving God through vocational ministry – missions, pastoral ministry, campus ministry.  And, because of the body of Christ we are all partners in the Gospel even though we are spread across the country and even the world. I am thankful for the opportunity to have visited, even if it was for such a brief time, with some of these friends and to hear the work that is being done for the glory of God throughout all of His creation!

Posted by: Mike and Julie | June 26, 2011

Rides, Parades, Drums

I think that sums up the excitement of last Monday at Pow Wow. Jonah and Silas both had a blast! We went to the park in the afternoon to ride a few rides. It was Silas’ first time to ride a carousel. He LOVED it! He was smiling and shrieking throughout the ride. Jonah had been on a few rides before and we knew he is a ride-lover. He went on the carousel, the big slide (with me), the motorcycles, the puppy dog, and even the Ferris wheel. I was so surprised he wanted to ride the Ferris wheel. When I agreed to take him on it, he could hardly contain his excitement. The whole time we were in line he was jumping up and down and dancing. It seemed as if he got a bit nervous when the ride first started to move, but he thought it was so cool to be higher than the trees and the buildings. He sat very still and tried to make conversation with me – “How are you doing, Mommy?” “How do you like this ride, Mommy?” “Have you ever been on this ride before, Mommy?” It was precious Mommy-Jonah time. After the rides, we played a few games of bingo at my dad’s Lion’s Club stand. We didn’t win any games, but Jonah enjoyed listening for the numbers and covering up the ones we told him to cover. In the evening, we went to the grand parade. Again, both boys loved it! They watched the vehicles closely. Jonah was great at picking up candy. And, both of the boys were enthralled with the bands, especially the drum corp SuFuDu. Silas was dancing and tapping to the drumming. We really think he is going to be a drummer when he gets bigger! After the parade, we went back to the park to watch SuFuDu give another performance. Jonah danced through the entire show. Silas danced some, too, but seemed more interested in watching the drum corp intently. What great memories were made that day!

The boy in the backseat is my parents' neighbor

We were in the purple basket #2

Waiting for the parade to start

A drummer from one group let Jonah beat on his drum

Little eyes captivated by a marching band

Sy grooving to SuFuDu with Grandpa's help

Posted by: Mike and Julie | June 25, 2011

A Busy Sunday

Last Sunday was a very busy day for us. We were in Mountain Lake to take in the Pow Wow festivities. Sunday morning we went to a community church service in the city park. The boys both sat very well and seemed to enjoy having church outside. After the service, we went back to my parents’ house for lunch. We also gave Mike and my dad their Father’s Day gifts. After that, we headed up to the park again to watch a little bit of the 3-on-3 basketball tournament. The Pow Wow Road Race & Fitness Walk was the next event on our agenda. Both Mike and I walked a mile in the fitness walk while pushing the boys. The races were after the walk. Jonah loved watching the runners, especially the young kids in the 1/2 mile race…maybe in the next year or two Jonah will get a chance to participate! We didn’t stay for the 4 mile race as we needed to go home to prepare for the kiddie parade. We hadn’t planned to put the boys in the parade, so I did not have any costumes with us. But, we pulled together a few items from their suitcases and a few things from Grandma and Grandpa’s house and created a farmer (Jonah) and a beach baby (Silas). Jonah was really into waving at everyone during the parade. Silas started waving right at the end of the 1 block parade route. They both received a book and a yogurt for participating – both were big hits! Then, we enjoyed supper in the park. I got my favorite – Laotian egg rolls. Jonah ate one, too, and really liked it! Mike had egg rolls but then also got one of his favorites – a Pow Wow Pup (a corn dog). Jonah had never had one of those either. He loved the few bites that he got. The town’s ministerial association sponsored a concert in the park that evening. We caught the first part of it but didn’t stay long. The boys were very tired – did you notice that there was no time for an afternoon nap?!?! I think we sufficiently wore the boys out that day.

Here are some of the pictures from our busy Sunday.

Jonah helped Grandpa open his Father's Day gift

Grandpa and all the grandkids - my sister, her husband, and their twin girls were also there for the day

Grandpa and his boys

Ready to start the fitness walk

After the race Jonah wanted to wear Mike's number

And, he wanted to wear my shirt

Thirsty boy after a mile walk (or ride!)

Farmer Jonah

Beach Baby Silas who wouldn't keep his sunglasses on

Mike and Jonah starting off on the parade route

The first bites of an egg roll - yummy!

Enjoying some Grandma and Grandpa time

Dancing to the music

It just wouldn't be Pow Wow without a Pow Wow Pup!

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