Posted by: Mike and Julie | June 26, 2011

Rides, Parades, Drums

I think that sums up the excitement of last Monday at Pow Wow. Jonah and Silas both had a blast! We went to the park in the afternoon to ride a few rides. It was Silas’ first time to ride a carousel. He LOVED it! He was smiling and shrieking throughout the ride. Jonah had been on a few rides before and we knew he is a ride-lover. He went on the carousel, the big slide (with me), the motorcycles, the puppy dog, and even the Ferris wheel. I was so surprised he wanted to ride the Ferris wheel. When I agreed to take him on it, he could hardly contain his excitement. The whole time we were in line he was jumping up and down and dancing. It seemed as if he got a bit nervous when the ride first started to move, but he thought it was so cool to be higher than the trees and the buildings. He sat very still and tried to make conversation with me – “How are you doing, Mommy?” “How do you like this ride, Mommy?” “Have you ever been on this ride before, Mommy?” It was precious Mommy-Jonah time. After the rides, we played a few games of bingo at my dad’s Lion’s Club stand. We didn’t win any games, but Jonah enjoyed listening for the numbers and covering up the ones we told him to cover. In the evening, we went to the grand parade. Again, both boys loved it! They watched the vehicles closely. Jonah was great at picking up candy. And, both of the boys were enthralled with the bands, especially the drum corp SuFuDu. Silas was dancing and tapping to the drumming. We really think he is going to be a drummer when he gets bigger! After the parade, we went back to the park to watch SuFuDu give another performance. Jonah danced through the entire show. Silas danced some, too, but seemed more interested in watching the drum corp intently. What great memories were made that day!

The boy in the backseat is my parents' neighbor

We were in the purple basket #2

Waiting for the parade to start

A drummer from one group let Jonah beat on his drum

Little eyes captivated by a marching band

Sy grooving to SuFuDu with Grandpa's help


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