Posted by: Mike and Julie | June 19, 2011

Lazy Saturday

We headed to Mountain Lake after the Go Fish concert Friday night. It was a late night, but thankfully yesterday was a day to rest. We were able to get the boys to take normal naps, and they went to bed at their regular time last night. With Pow Wow activities today, tomorrow, and Tuesday, the boys’ sleeping schedule will be off for the next few days.

The highlight of Jonah’s day yesterday was driving Grandpa’s lawn tractor with him. They drove around Grandpa’s lot and then we all checked out Grandpa’s garden.

We spent the rest of our day yesterday resting and playing at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. This morning, the Pow Wow fun began as we went to a city-wide church service in the city park. In just a little bit, we will be heading up to the park to watch a little bit of a basketball tournament before participating in the fitness walk that kicks off the road race. The boys might participate in a Kiddie Parade later this afternoon. We will have supper in the park followed by a concert hosted by the town’s ministerial association. We will all be tired tonight!

Posted by: Mike and Julie | June 19, 2011

Go Fish Concert

On Friday night, we took Jonah and Silas to their first concert – Go Fish. Jonah has loved Go Fish since he was about 9 months old and Silas has also recently started watching our Go Fish DVDs and dancing along to the music. Last week, Mike found an old video on his phone from when Jonah was probably about 15 months singing part of a Go Fish song.

Go Fish was performing at my sister’s church in Mankato so my parents, my sister’s family, and our family all went to see their show. Jonah had a blast! He loved watching the group sing and dance, and he liked watching the other children. Silas wavered back and forth between liking the show and cuddling in my lap avoiding the lights and noise. By the end of the concert he was dancing a bit, too.

Grandpa, Silas, and Grandma waiting for the show to start

Jonah and Daddy waiting for the show to start. Jonah wanted one of these Go Fish light sticks after seeing all of the other children with them.

Excited for Go Fish!!!

Dancing with Grandpa

Not a good picture - but this is how Silas spent the first half of the show

Enjoying a snack during intermission

Daddy and his boys

What a great concert! We hope that we will have the opportunity to see Go Fish again soon!


Posted by: Mike and Julie | June 18, 2011

A Visit With Friends

Yesterday afternoon in Mankato, we had the opportunity to see our friends Steve and Kristin and their little girl. What a blessing it was! The Baty’s are friends of ours from our time at MSU. This is the post I wrote last year after they stopped to see us on their way through Louisville.

When we arrived at their house we realized that we had left Jonah’s sandals at my grandma’s house (1 1/2 hours away). We were so disappointed and were trying to figure out what we should do as we were on a fairly tight schedule with needing to be at my sister’s house for supper followed by the Go Fish concert. Being the sweet friend that she is, Kristin suggested that she and I run to the mall and go sandal shopping. So, Mike, Steve, Silas, and sleeping Adelina stayed home and Kristin, Jonah, and I headed to the mall. It took us 4 stores before we found a pair of sandals that would work. Although I would have loved to sit down and chat with our families all together, I had such a wonderful time catching up with Kristin while shopping on a time crunch. I am so thankful for Kristin and her sweet willingness to hurry through stores looking for the right pair of sandals all while she is 40 weeks pregnant expecting their second baby any day!

By the time we got back to the Baty’s house, it was about time for us to pack up and head to my sister’s house. I am sad that Jonah and Adelina didn’t get more time to play together, although Adelina seemed to really like Silas and may have thought that Silas was the new baby that was supposed to be arriving.

Here are a few pictures of our growing families:

Jonah wasn't so sure about sitting next to Adelina

Adelina giving Jonah a hug

Silas had a major blow out while Kristin and I were out shopping, so Mike was left to deal with the incident. Mike cleaned it up and Steve washed the clothes. What great guys!

Clothes or no clothes, Silas is happy

Our growing families 🙂

Posted by: Mike and Julie | June 18, 2011

A Visit with Great Grandma

Yesterday for lunch we visited my Grandma Kapusta. We don’t get to see her very often and wish we had more time to be with her. The boys had a great time during our visit. And, Grandma made us a delicious meal. The only bad part about our time at Grandma’s is that we left Jonah’s sandals at her house and didn’t realize until about 2 hours later when we got out of the car in Mankato. More about that story to come!

Posted by: Mike and Julie | June 18, 2011

A Day at the Minnesota Zoo

On Thursday, we went to the Minnesota Zoo with Grandpa and Grandma Rue. It was a beautiful day to be outside. Jonah absolutely loved everything about the zoo! I wasn’t sure if Silas would get into looking at the animals, but he really did. He liked the bears, farm animals, and tigers. Most of our pictures were taken at the farm area of the zoo as it is a little more hands-on and the boys both love farm animals.

Excited to see rabbits

Petting a baby chick

Our chicken and egg family

Loving the chicken barn

Ready to feed the goats

LOVE this face!

And this one!

Silas got to feed the goats with Mommy's help

Proof that Silas really did end up liking the goats

Before we left the goats, Jonah went around hugging all the goats and saying, "I love you goat."

Sitting on a tractor just like the one he has a model of

Riding the tractor and trailer from the farm back to the main part of the zoo

A day at the zoo wears a little guy out!

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